Drawing a Tension

In 2008 Jürgen Bock was invited to curate a show of work from the Deutsche Bank art collection and its then 53,000 art pieces. He came up with a selection of 134 works by 28 artists for the show, which took place at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. The catalogue gives priority to the individual artisticContinue reading “Drawing a Tension”

Jürgen Bock – From Work to Text

Following a series of six exhibitions and a symposium at Centro Cultural de Bélem in Lisbon in 2000–2001, Jürgen Bock invited me to work on the texts for the book. The publication contextualises the exhibitions – which included shows by Heimo Zobernig, Nuno Ribeiro, Eleanor Antin / Harun Farocki, RenéeGreen, Nathan Coley and Alan SekulaContinue reading “Jürgen Bock – From Work to Text”

Ângela Ferreira – Hard Rain Show

The starting point of this catalogue was an exhibition scheduled at the Museu Colecção Berardo in Lisbon to show the work Maison Tropicale, which Ângela Ferreira developed for the representation of Portugal in the Venice Biennial 2007. In the exhibition ‘Hard Rain Show’ she also showed older pieces and a new work especially developed for that show. TheContinue reading “Ângela Ferreira – Hard Rain Show”

Ângela Ferreira – Maison Tropicale

I’ve worked with German curator Jürgen Bock on and off for years. I was introduced to him via Scottish artist Nathan Coley, who had had a show in the space Jürgen curates, alongside being director of the Maumaus art school in Lisbon. In 2007 Jürgen was curator of the Portuguese pavilion in Venice, which showedContinue reading “Ângela Ferreira – Maison Tropicale”

Fabrications & Book Works

In a similar vein as the publications I produced while working at Artangel, it is high time I consider the specific nature and processes at work in the series ‘Fabrications’, which I commissioned and produced for independent art book publisher Book Works. London. After having focused on project work for several years in Scotland (including Zenomap, Scotland’sContinue reading “Fabrications & Book Works”

The Future Curatorial

This autumn/spring 2016 I will be working as managing editor on a publication following last year’s conference ‘The Future Curatorial: What Not and Study What? Conundrum’. The conference took place at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson in November 2014 and was organised by Paul O’Neill and Tom Eccles (CCS Bard), in partnership with Mick Wilson (Valand Art Academy,Continue reading “The Future Curatorial”

Dawn Ades. Writings on Surrealism, Modernism and Photography

Art historian and curator Dawn Ades is a leading voice on Dada, Surrealist, Abstract and Latin American art. This volume collects her essays for the first time, highlighting her passionate voice across time periods and art movements. Arranged thematically, this collection presents the breadth of Dawn Ades’s critical and curatorial interests, ranging from avant-garde posterContinue reading “Dawn Ades. Writings on Surrealism, Modernism and Photography”

Dublett #3: Pedro Gómez-Egaña

Dublett is a series of ‘double publications’ focusing on an artist’s practice, an artistic collaboration or an artistic project. Each Dublett consists of a new artist’s book and an anthology of commissioned texts published by Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen, Norway. The third Dublett focuses on the practice of Pedro Gómez-Egaña (1976, Colombia). It contains hisContinue reading “Dublett #3: Pedro Gómez-Egaña”

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014

Marking its 65th anniversary, selectors Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Enrico David and Goshka Macuga have chosen works by 55 of the most promising artists emerging from UK art schools from 1,400 submissions. Previous New Contemporaries include Jake & Dinos Chapman, Tacita Dean, Mona Hatoum, Damien Hirst, David Hockney and Mike Nelson as well as more recentContinue reading “Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014”

Launch Andrea Büttner’s Hidden Marriages: Gwen John and Moss

Am off to a conversation between artist Andrea Büttner and Chus Martinez at Tate Britain. Martinez was one of the authors who contributed to Büttner extensive monograph published by MK Gallery and MMK Frankfurt (see earlier posting). Tonight’s discussion marks the launch of the book Hidden Marriages: Gwen John and Moss and will range from the Hidden Marriages project to theContinue reading “Launch Andrea Büttner’s Hidden Marriages: Gwen John and Moss”

Peter Zegveld – Exploded View

At the age of ten Peter Zegveld visited the legendary exhibition ‘Bewogen Beweging’ (Moving Movement) at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, which included Swiss artist Jean Tinguely’s Métamatic machines that produced automatic drawings. Zegveld’s first exposure to kinetic art would prove to be a defining moment. His experience would set in motion something that resulted inContinue reading “Peter Zegveld – Exploded View”

The Shadowfiles #1 and #2

Initiated and published by de Appel arts centre in Amsterdam, The Shadowfiles  is a journal that focuses on events behind the scenes, or activities with little public visibility. The first, bilingual Dutch–English, issue came out in October 2010 (time flies!) and was in some ways a response to the effects of the financial crash and theContinue reading “The Shadowfiles #1 and #2”

The Best Is Not Too Good For You

Part of the Whitechapel Gallery’s programme of opening up public and private collections for everyone, it is currently in the middle of a series of four different displays drawing on the collections of Contemporary Art Society member museums across England. Founded in 1910, the Contemporary Art Society supports public museums and galleries across the UK, through acquisitions,Continue reading “The Best Is Not Too Good For You”

Thames Delta

In 2012, Southend’s Focal Point Gallery organised the exhibition ‘Thames Delta’. Curated by David Elvin, Barry Sinclair and Focal Point Gallery, the exhibition reflected on the growth, variety and development of popular music by those groups and individuals that have grown up or lived in the Southend-on-Sea, Canvey Island and Basildon area since the late 1940s.Continue reading “Thames Delta”

Stephen Willats – Conscious Unconscious in and out the reality check

The publication of CONSCIOUS – UNCONSCIOUS in and out the reality check was published on the occasion of Stephen Willats’s fourth exhibition at Modern Art Oxford in 2013. Since the mid-1960s Willats has embarked on an investigation into the relationship between art and society, between artworks and the viewer, and between artist and art institution. InContinue reading “Stephen Willats – Conscious Unconscious in and out the reality check”