Jürgen Bock – From Work to Text

Following a series of six exhibitions and a symposium at Centro Cultural de Bélem in Lisbon in 2000–2001, Jürgen Bock invited me to work on the texts for the book. The publication contextualises the exhibitions – which included shows by Heimo Zobernig, Nuno Ribeiro, Eleanor Antin / Harun Farocki, RenéeGreen, Nathan Coley and Alan Sekula – with essays by the participants of the symposium that concluded the project in 2001.

Texts included are by Jürgen Bock, Annelie Pohlen, Alexander Alberro, Diedrich Diederichsen, Miguel Wandscheneider, Sabeth Buchmann, Julain Stallabrass, João Fernandes, Harun Farocki, José António Fernandes Dias, Renée Green, Isabel Carlos and Alan Sekula. The book was designed by Arne Kaiser.

It was through Nathan Coley that I became involved with this project. The text written about his work was translated in English, and he wasn’t entirely happy with it, so asked me whether I’d want to have a look. This must have been how I ended up doing the whole book, as those things go. Jürgen did an interview about the book for Texte zur Kunst.

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