Stephen Willats – Conscious Unconscious in and out the reality check

The publication of CONSCIOUS – UNCONSCIOUS in and out the reality check was published on the occasion of Stephen Willats’s fourth exhibition at Modern Art Oxford in 2013. Since the mid-1960s Willats has embarked on an investigation into the relationship between art and society, between artworks and the viewer, and between artist and art institution. InContinue reading “Stephen Willats – Conscious Unconscious in and out the reality check”

Piercing Brightness: Shezad Dawood, 2012

Having worked with Shezad several years earlier on the book Feature: Reconstructed (published as part of the Fabrications series at Book Works), he invited me to work on a publication for his Piercing Brightness project (see also Subplots to a City post). Published on the occasion of his eponymous touring solo exhibition, Piercing Brightness is theContinue reading “Piercing Brightness: Shezad Dawood, 2012”