Revisiting: Tony Oursler – The Influence Machine

In Madison Square Park in New York, and subsequently in Soho Square, the heart of London’s media world, video artist Tony Oursler created a spectral audio-visual experience for an image-saturated society. Conceived as a kind of psycho-landscape, The Influence Machine delves deep into the history of media, rousing long-forgotten spirits and setting them to roamContinue reading “Revisiting: Tony Oursler – The Influence Machine”

Feature Film: A book by Douglas Gordon

One of the publications I worked on while at Artangel was in relation to Douglas Gordon’s Feature Film. In this work – Douglas’s first feature-length film, produced in 1999 – the camera follows the hands, and the facial expressions of a music conductor – James Conlan – while conducting a full orchestra playing the score to Alfred Hitchcock’s VertigoContinue reading “Feature Film: A book by Douglas Gordon”

Blast from the past

Having worked with Douglas Gordon on a book when I worked at Artangel – Feature Film (1999) – I recently did some copy-editing and proofing work on an interesting take on publishing something in relation to one of his most complex works, entitled Pretty much every film and video work from about 1992 until now., owned by the MuséeContinue reading “Blast from the past”

Roni Horn – Vatnasafn/Library of Water

For the past 30 years, the work of artist Roni Horn has been intimately involved with the distinctive geography, geology, climate, and culture of Iceland. Since her first encounter with the island as a young arts graduate, she has returned to Iceland for extended periods of time every year. Iceland has been both a museContinue reading “Roni Horn – Vatnasafn/Library of Water”

Jeremy Deller – The English Civil War Part II

In 1984 the National Union of Mineworkers went on strike. The dispute lasted for over a year and was the most bitterly fought since the general strike of 1926, marking a turning point in the struggle between the government and the trade union movement. On 18 June of that year, the Orgreave coking plant was theContinue reading “Jeremy Deller – The English Civil War Part II”

John Berger and Simon McBurney – The Vertical Line

Over four nights in February 1999, the writer and art historian John Berger and Theatre de Complicite’s director Simon McBurney and the actress Sandra Voe conducted an intimate journey spanning 30,000 years, inscribing a downward line through time 30 metres below central London. Part theatrical event, part archaeological dig, The Vertical Line led visitors / participants downContinue reading “John Berger and Simon McBurney – The Vertical Line”

The Missing Voice – Janet Cardiff

Commissioned by Artangel, throughout 1999 Canadian artist Janet Cardiff realised what was her most ambitious work to date then, The Missing Voice (Case Study B), in London’s East End. Part urban guide, part detective story, part film noir, Cardiff’s work draws you in as an accomplice in a narrative that shifts through time and space. SeductiveContinue reading “The Missing Voice – Janet Cardiff”

Longplayer – Jem Finer

This publication requires a bit of a preamble, as the project it relates to is seemingly simple, but has both conceptually and technically quite some complexity within it. In short, Longplayer is a 1,000-year musical composition that runs continuously and without repetition from its start – 1 January 2000 (mid-day in Australia, but mid-day 31 December 1999Continue reading “Longplayer – Jem Finer”

Off Limits: 40 Artangel Projects

Surveying 40 projects realised over the previous decade by film-makers, writers, visual artists, composers, choreographers and performers, this book was more or less my parting shot after nearly 5 years working on publications for the arts commissioning organisation Artangel. Published in 2002, the aim of the book was to provide an overview of the range ofContinue reading “Off Limits: 40 Artangel Projects”


It seems like a lifetime ago, and in many respect it is. However, the series of publications I produced in relation to a range of Artangel project was highly influential in how my thinking about and approach towards working with artists, curators, designers, partner-organisations, writers and others evolved. It is time to explore the different books,Continue reading “Artangel”