Andrea Büttner Monograph

Andrea Büttner‘s first comprehensive monograph was co-produced by MK Gallery and MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt to coincide with the exhibitions at each institution. It features a large amount of images of her work, ranging from woodcuts and reverse glass paintings, to slide shows and hand-held video, as well as views from exhibitions at dOCUMENTAContinue reading “Andrea Büttner Monograph”

Dublett # 1: Annette & Caroline Kierulf

The collaborative artistic practice of Annette Kierulf and Caroline Kierulf is well known for their shared interest in woodcuts, often with texts integrated in the image, as well as their explicit wish to re-position printmaking as a critical space for reflection. In their exhibition configurations they add sculptures and installations to create connections between the prints,Continue reading “Dublett # 1: Annette & Caroline Kierulf”