Revisiting: Luca Frei – The so-called utopia…

While talking to artist Anthony Shrag, he referenced Luca Frei’s The so-called utopia of the centre beaubourg. An interpretation, unaware that it is one of the titles from the Fabrications series I was responsible for, published by Book Works. In turn I was unaware that Celine Condorelli did a reinterpretation of the work at the SouthbankContinue reading “Revisiting: Luca Frei – The so-called utopia…”

Niek Kemps, Big Eyes, Small Windows: Selected Writings

Having worked on a previous publication in relation to Niek Kemps’ work (the catalogue for his solo show at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven in 1992), upon my move to London in 1996, I set out to translate his collected writings. This followed an installation of Niek’s work at Tramway in 1996, curated by CharlesContinue reading “Niek Kemps, Big Eyes, Small Windows: Selected Writings”

Translations for industrial designer Alfred van Elk

Through the proverbial grapevine I am occasionally approached by organisations and individuals who sit more in the design and architecture corner than in the visual arts. I always enjoy the challenges that may offer, and certainly when it comes to translations, it keeps me informed as to what’s happening in those sectors now, often specificallyContinue reading “Translations for industrial designer Alfred van Elk”

Peter Zegveld – Exploded View

At the age of ten Peter Zegveld visited the legendary exhibition ‘Bewogen Beweging’ (Moving Movement) at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, which included Swiss artist Jean Tinguely’s Métamatic machines that produced automatic drawings. Zegveld’s first exposure to kinetic art would prove to be a defining moment. His experience would set in motion something that resulted inContinue reading “Peter Zegveld – Exploded View”

Valérie Mannaerts: An Exhibition – Another Exhibition

An Exhibition – Another Exhibition is the first monograph of the work of Belgian artist Valérie Mannaerts. The book captures two solo exhibitions that took place in 2010 – ‘Blood Flow’ at Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen, and ‘Diamond Dancer’ at de Appel arts centre. Amsterdam. Dynamically collaging across mediums – from paint to bronze, papier-mâché to concreteContinue reading “Valérie Mannaerts: An Exhibition – Another Exhibition”

The Shadowfiles #1 and #2

Initiated and published by de Appel arts centre in Amsterdam, The Shadowfiles  is a journal that focuses on events behind the scenes, or activities with little public visibility. The first, bilingual Dutch–English, issue came out in October 2010 (time flies!) and was in some ways a response to the effects of the financial crash and theContinue reading “The Shadowfiles #1 and #2”

The wrong way round…

Some 17 years ago I made the UK my well-chosen home, and over time I started to translate texts for various clients. As my confidence and fluency in English improved, translating from Dutch into English became an irregularly recurring activity. An exception were two pieces for De Witte Raaf last summer. I was invited toContinue reading “The wrong way round…”