Valérie Mannaerts: An Exhibition – Another Exhibition


An Exhibition – Another Exhibition is the first monograph of the work of Belgian artist Valérie Mannaerts. The book captures two solo exhibitions that took place in 2010 – ‘Blood Flow’ at Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen, and ‘Diamond Dancer’ at de Appel arts centre. Amsterdam.
Dynamically collaging across mediums – from paint to bronze, papier-mâché to concrete – Mannaerts playfully arranges sculptural elements to create spatial installations, which could be considered to be stage sets without stages. As scales oscillate and we are continuously wrong-footed as to the materiality, the works exist in a space of deliberate ambiguity, sitting on the threshold between object and image. The monograph includes an essay by Anselm Franke, a conversation between the artist and Ann Demeester, and images and illustrations of the two exhibitions.

Co-published with de Appel arts centre and Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen, distributed via Sternberg Press, designed by Saskia Gevaert.

I did the translations from Dutch into English for this book. Not being familiar with the artist’s works thus far, it gave me an excellent insight into her practice.


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