Three times lucky…

It’s been a slightly longer process than with the two previous books in the series, but Curating after the Global: Roadmaps for the Present is now off to the printers. This time the team of editors had expanded to four: in addition to Paul O’Neill, Lucy Steeds and Mick Wilson, with whom I worked on HowContinue reading “Three times lucky…”


Recently I had the pleasure of doing two talks outside my normal teaching context (Birkbeck, University of London): one for the current cohort of students at the Royal College of Art’s Curating Contemporary Art, upon the invitation of my wonderful former colleague Ben Cranfield, the other for BA arts students across programmes at Manchester MetropolitanContinue reading “Talks”

The Curatorial Conundrum

The Curatorial Conundrum is nearly off to print. The book looks at the burgeoning field of curatorship and tries to imagine its future. Both practitioners and theorists consider a variety of futures: the future of curatorial education, the future of curatorial research, the future of curatorial and artistic practice, and the institutions that will make these futures possible.Continue reading “The Curatorial Conundrum”

The Future Curatorial

This autumn/spring 2016 I will be working as managing editor on a publication following last year’s conference ‘The Future Curatorial: What Not and Study What? Conundrum’. The conference took place at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson in November 2014 and was organised by Paul O’Neill and Tom Eccles (CCS Bard), in partnership with Mick Wilson (Valand Art Academy,Continue reading “The Future Curatorial”

The Best Is Not Too Good For You

Part of the Whitechapel Gallery’s programme of opening up public and private collections for everyone, it is currently in the middle of a series of four different displays drawing on the collections of Contemporary Art Society member museums across England. Founded in 1910, the Contemporary Art Society supports public museums and galleries across the UK, through acquisitions,Continue reading “The Best Is Not Too Good For You”