I work with artists, curators, editors, writers, designers and others involved in publishing on art and curatorial projects. This site gives an overview of a selection of books and other publication formats I have worked on over the years; sometimes I have steered the entire process – from conceptualisation to production – and in other cases I have managed the whole cycle, or parts of it, for and with others. To distinguish between specific roles/activities, posts are organised under the headers ‘editorial projects’, ‘copy-editing’ and ‘proofing’. Occasionally I also translate – from Dutch into English – which has its own strand. References to talks can be found under ‘other’, including mentions of my teaching**, and there is also a separate research strand.***

I thoroughly enjoy working with other people with different perspectives and skillsets and immersing myself in the intricacies and complexities of what it means to translate and/or materialise ideas, work, individual projects and sometimes whole practices and help (re)articulate them in words and images into print or on digital platforms.

You can contact me directly via gvannoord@googlemail.com.

For my love of walking and nature – and occasional art / curating posts – see my Instagram. My twitter account does similar, with now and again forays into other territories.

* ‘curator of publications’ (as listed in the strapline above) is a slight provocation; although so much of what we know about art and exhibitions relies on publications in some shape or form, relatively little attention is being paid to them as medium/platform and as extension of both areas of practice.

** I am a lecturer at the MA Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, after having taught on art and curating at Birkbeck, University of London (2006–19) and at the MFA at the Glasgow School of Art (2003–15), as well as a range of other courses.

*** In my PhD I approach publications not only as sites of display, through which issues of mediation and translation and collaboration of authorship can be explored, but situate them as examples of an intra-active ecology of practices.

**** The header image was taken on the Parkland Walk in North London in July 2021. The red pen symbolises some of the work I do as a copy-editor/proofer – jokingly obviously, as editing to me is very much a collaborative practice.