Translations for industrial designer Alfred van Elk

Through the proverbial grapevine I am occasionally approached by organisations and individuals who sit more in the design and architecture corner than in the visual arts. I always enjoy the challenges that may offer, and certainly when it comes to translations, it keeps me informed as to what’s happening in those sectors now, often specifically in the Netherlands. Holland is by definition to a large extent a man-made country full of design, so one client now may lead me to new clients in future.

Industrial designer Alfred van Elk is one such client: I was recommended to him by someone who was in the process of writing copy for Alfred’s to be relaunched website. Translating statements about his approach, descriptions of products, and considering the differences between the shortcuts often taken in Dutch, while English tends to have to be much more precise in its use of tenses, and verb forms in relation to subject, I got to know a lot about Alfred and his work. His new website is now live and can be found here

Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 17.33.51.

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