It seems like a lifetime ago, and in many respect it is. However, the series of publications I produced in relation to a range of Artangel project was highly influential in how my thinking about and approach towards working with artists, curators, designers, partner-organisations, writers and others evolved. It is time to explore the different books, and other products I worked on.

As a teaser, a screen grab from a talk that shows some covers. Publications that will feature are related to projects with a wide range of artists, including Douglas Gordon, Janet Cardiff, Michael Landy, Susan Hiller, Tony Oursler, Jeremy Deller, Roni Horn, John Berger & Simon McBurney, and Jem Finer, as well an overview of 40 Artangel projects in the book Off Limits. Expect to hear more about their individual content and specificity in the coming months.

Screen shot 2015-10-26 at 14.35.32

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