The Invisible in Architecture

The Invisible in Architecture is a book that followed an ambitious series of talks organised by Ole Bouman and Roemer van Toorn. I worked on proofing, and small copy-edits, over a period of about 4 years, before the book was finally published in 1994. The scope and scale of it (520 pages), with texts grouped around a series of ‘vectors’, was unusual at the time, and the range of ideas and approaches that came across in the texts was fascinating. It was also a book for which the designers really tried to reflect the then emerging notion of hyperlinks and the digital, which is specifically visible on the many colourful pages with tabs and highlights.

The list of contributors – either through written texts, or as part of conversations – is impressive and provides an interesting overview of key voices and practices in architecture and urbanism at the time.

All texts can be downloaded as PDFs from Roemer van Toorn’s website.


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