Test Dept

They describe themselves as being born ‘in the decaying docklands of South London’ and have stated that they and their music were ‘an urgent reaction to the materialistic drift and reactionary conservatism of the prevailing musical and political culture’ of the 1980s. Test Department, or Test Dept, may have ceased to function in its original – often mutatingContinue reading “Test Dept”

The Invisible Generation

The Invisible Generation is the title of a series of projects that appeared in different guises in the cities of Beijing, Melbourne, Kiev and Shenzhen in 2009–2010, inspired by a text by William S. Burroughs carrying the same title. One of the key premises was to create situations for art and its audiences to meetContinue reading “The Invisible Generation”

The Shadowfiles # 3

It’s been wonderful working with my former colleague Edna van Duyn, de Appel’s long-time editor, again. The Shadowfiles is de Appel’s annual magazine in book form that aims to shed light on invisible, behind the scenes activities of de Appel arts centre. While I only translated and copy-edited texts for issues 1 and 2, I’ve stuckContinue reading “The Shadowfiles # 3”


Another new arrival on my doormat this morning: Self-Organised, edited by Stine Hebert & Anne Szefer Karlsen, published by Open Editions / Hordaland Art Centre. I received an email from Anne, whom I didn’t know at the time, while I was at Heathrow, on my way to Istanbul, just before Christmas 2011: whether I’d beContinue reading “Self-Organised”