Eva Rothschild, My World and Your World

Having got to know Rebecca Heald as a fellow lecturer at the Royal College, she asked me to work on a text by her. It was intended for a publication to celebrate the launch of Eva Rothschild’s work in Lewis Cubitt Park at King’s Cross, part of the expansive programme of public commissions that Rebecca had been involved in as curator for several years. I remember the master plan for King’s Cross / St. Pancras being published in Time Out in early 2002, with building work then forecast as lasting up until 2018. In 2021 construction still continues at the outer reaches as well as the core of the enormous site.

In the end I worked on all essays for the catalogue, including texts by Ossian Ward and Mel Dodd. Having taught about art in the public realm in various contexts proved to be handy in working through the finer nuances within each contribution. Designed by APFEL, who also designed Rebecca’s own website – this was a job that involved working with different people I already knew from other contexts, which always makes things easier.

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