Copy-Editing and Translating

The Shadowfiles # 3

Just (April 2013) received in the post: issue 3 of de Appel‘s The Shadowfiles.

It’s been fun working with my former colleague Edna van Duyn again, de AppelIMAG0607‘s editor. While I only translated and copy-edited texts for issues 1 and 2, I’ve stuck my nose into this one a bit more, as the topic is curating education. I was originally hired, by its then director Saskia Bos, to help develop de Appel’s Curatorial Programme (or Curatorial Training Programme as it was originally called) in 1993, and was its coordinator for several years.

This issue of The Shadowfiles focuses on the notion of curatorial education – revisiting de Appel arts centre’s Curatorial (training) Programme, started in 1994, in relation to other curatorial education programmes worldwide, and the discourse that is emerging around curatorial education in general. The Shadowfiles aims to shed light on invisible, behind the scenes activities of de Appel arts centre.

Essays by Martin Grossmann, Geeta Kapur, Maria Lind, Philippe Pirotte and Simon Sheikh investigate the position of the curator in relation to existing training programmes in different areas of the world. Initiators of early programmes like Saskia Bos, Victoire Dubruel, Viktor Misiano, Teresa Gleadowe and Sarah Lookofsky give insight in the considerations then, now and for the future. A series of alumni of de Appel’s Curatorial Programme look back on their experience.

Editors: Ann Demeester, Edna van Duyn and Hendrik Folkerts (guest editor)
ISBN: 978 90 73501 78 2
Design: Marius Hofstede
Info: 160 pp, 25 x 22.5 cm, € 15 (can be ordered directly from de Appel).

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