Black Sun conversation during London Art Book Fair

On Sunday 28 September I will be in conversation with artist Shezad Dawood, and graphic designers Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath of OK-RM about the processes that have led to the Black Sun book. We will be discussing how it relates to the eponymous exhibition (touring), and the collaborations between us, among other aspects. MoreContinue reading “Black Sun conversation during London Art Book Fair”

Otto Berchem – It’s Not My Fault

On his twitter profile Otto Berchem calls himself a ‘convivial artist’, an apt description for someone whose practice tends to mimic situations and contexts in which humans encounter, observe and respond to each other, often exposing their inherent awkwardness and sometimes blatant ineptitude. Although not part of the group of artists often referred to as ‘relational’, hisContinue reading “Otto Berchem – It’s Not My Fault”

Test Dept

They describe themselves as being born ‘in the decaying docklands of South London’ and have stated that they and their music were ‘an urgent reaction to the materialistic drift and reactionary conservatism of the prevailing musical and political culture’ of the 1980s. Test Department, or Test Dept, may have ceased to function in its original – often mutatingContinue reading “Test Dept”

The Invisible Generation

The Invisible Generation is the title of a series of projects that appeared in different guises in the cities of Beijing, Melbourne, Kiev and Shenzhen in 2009–2010, inspired by a text by William S. Burroughs carrying the same title. One of the key premises was to create situations for art and its audiences to meetContinue reading “The Invisible Generation”

To Have and To Hold: Future of a Contested Landscape

The description here far exceeds that of just the book, as my involvement in this interesting project stretched further (and therefore also some additional images). I’d worked with NVA, an environmental art agency, based in Glasgow, before; first on Radiance, Glasgow’s first Festival of Light (in 2005), and a year later on Glow, a similarContinue reading “To Have and To Hold: Future of a Contested Landscape”

People, Places, Process: The Shops Project with FrenchMottershead

Fluke and happenstance are as good a way to meet people and find work as any other. I met Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead of FrenchMottershead while they were on their way out after a meeting with Jane Rolo, Book Works‘ director. As my project at Book Works was coming to an end, I mentioned I’dContinue reading “People, Places, Process: The Shops Project with FrenchMottershead”

Piercing Brightness: Shezad Dawood, 2012

Having worked with Shezad several years earlier on the book Feature: Reconstructed (published as part of the Fabrications series at Book Works), he invited me to work on a publication for his Piercing Brightness project (see also Subplots to a City post). Published on the occasion of his eponymous touring solo exhibition, Piercing Brightness is theContinue reading “Piercing Brightness: Shezad Dawood, 2012”

Black Sun with Shezad Dawood

Black Sun is a term with multiple meanings. It represents the eclipse of the day, but is also a symbol of esoteric or occult significance, used in various belief systems, from Hinduism to western hermetic traditions. It is linked to the metaphor dark night of the soul, which is used to describe a phase in aContinue reading “Black Sun with Shezad Dawood”

Subplots to a City

In Certain Places in Preston commissioned Shezad Dawood’s film project Piercing Brightness, and the Harris Museum & Art Gallery hosted the first in a series of shows related to the artist’s project and wider practice. Working with Shezad on the publication alongside the exhibitions (see this post), I met the film’s commissioners, Charles Quick and Elaine Speight,Continue reading “Subplots to a City”