PARSE Journal # 14

Texts for PARSE Journal seem to have been coming in hard and fast for issue # 15, which once again will comprise multiple parts all responding to the notion of ‘Violence’, but issue # 14 was recently launched too. Focusing on the fictional, but at the same time connecting to very recognisable scenarios in the real world of (art school) education, the journal comprises a range of fascinating reflections on what may have taken place, through play, role play, in real life and / or in fictitious scenarios in the Krabstadt Education Center, which supposedly is situated somewhere in the Arctic. Edited by Ewa Einhorn,Jeuno JE Kim and Karolin Meunier it’s an interesting read, certainly for anyone somehow involved in teaching and working with educational institutions.

KEC, The Admissions Game, 2022 © Krabstadt Education Center

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