Olivia Plender website live

Landing page of Olivia’s website with a still from Hold Hold Fire (2019), which is part of the ‘Many Maids Make Much Noise’ project strand

After over a year of careful deliberation, thinking through how an entire artist practice can be (re)presented and navigated, Olivia Plender’s website has gone live. Provoking us to reflect on how different publishing platforms and mediums present images and text, how they are brought together and can be navigated, Olivia’s interests and concerns have been made visible by way of nine thematic project strands and an expansive Index, which can be considered a work in its own right.

Rather than Olivia and me gathering material first and then handing it over to designers, we spoke to Emma and Kirsty of designers APFEL early on in the process. They offered some helpful pointers to think about and also brought web developer Kieran Startup on board, who in the course of developing the site ensured an easily navigable ‘backend’ was put in place. This means that what we see on screen – on desk- and laptops as well as mobiles and tablets – can be easily uploaded and apparently seamlessly gathered from the database that holds the images and texts (see also APFEL’s description below).

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