Rodrigo Valenzuela, Journeyman

This proofing job came to me via Valerio, of graphic designers Julia, with whom I’d worked on two anthologies, and which introduced me to the work of Rodrigo Valenzuela. Much of Valenzuela’s work calls attention to photography’s affinity with destruction — as a mode of documentation but also as an embodied experience. This first comprehensive catalogue of the artist’s Los Angeles-based studio artwork and photography draws out and contextualises how ruins feature heavily in his practice.

Although suggested as a proofing job, it turned out to also include copy-editing – which is always tricky when texts are already in layout – but the range and scope of texts included made it enjoyable. Edited by Matthew Schum, with texts by him, Carmen Winant, Christian Viveros-Fauné, and Sharon Mirzota, designed by Julia, published by Mousse.

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