Relative Silence…

Things may seem to be quiet on the editorial project front. There is, however, a good reason for that: having immersed myself rather wholeheartedly in several book projects last year – one of which was rather complex, see here and the next post – the plan is to focus more on my PhD, as that was somewhat on the back burner. I am now trying to accelerate and make up for lost time, which is not to say that I am not doing anything else at all: am currently in discussion about working as an editor of an artist’s website. Having immersed myself in recent months in writing about the space of the book in relation to curatorial discourse, this will force me to also engage with the digital space and its potential as an archive and space of display of an artist’s practice. Too early to name names, but watch this space…default-1464370425-4123-the-universe-s-missing-matter-found-within-superheated-cosmic-web-filaments

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