Goodbye to a legend

Last night I had the honour, and in many ways the privilege, to open the series of speeches at Books Works’ Jane Rolo’s leaving party. After 35 years at the helm of Book Works’ publishing strand, having founded the organisation with Rob Hadrill in 1984, Jane is now on to other things.

I remember Jane talking about wanting to maybe do something else, develop new ideas – tentatively, possibly alongside Book Works – over ten years ago, when I was editor of a series of publications at this unique organisation. Over a decade later, she is finally cutting the cord. Now I am a member of Book Works’ board, paying tribute to her immense legacy was the least I could do.

Tony White captured the proceedings and a key phrase from my short exploration of what for me characterises Jane unwavering dedication – ‘critical care’ – neatly. Karen di Franco rightly called Jane a legend, because a legend she is. Gallerist Lisa Panting, who was a guest editor before me in the mid-1990s, and artist Helen Cammock, one of the many artists who published with Book Works, flanking Jane in the last pic, echoing similar sentiments.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 11.19.08Screenshot_20190919-112048_Instagram



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