Another blast from the past

Having worked with Book Works on and off over the years, I know how long Jane Rolo and Gavin Everall have tried to get a project off the ground with writer and curator, and long-time director of Glasgow’s CCA, Francis McKee. Having known Francis for a long time myself (including working with him in 2002-2003 on Zenomap, the first presentation of art from Scotland at the Venice Biennale), and always having been a fan of his writing, which manages to engagingly blur fact and fiction, I couldn’t resist putting myself forward for proofing it.

Francis’s book will be one in a series selected by guest editor Nina Power, and although I won’t spill the beans here about the exact contents I can say it’s a great read, and very Francis. Due out in autumn 2016.

NB – although the book won’t contain any of the photographs Francis has been taking in recent years, here one I took off his flickr feed, shot in Paris 17 July 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 15.36.22.png

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