Having communicated with Mick Wilson, as one of the editors of The Curatorial Conundrum, together with Paul O’Neill and Lucy Steeds, and having recently met him when he did a really interesting talk at the ICA, it was great to be invited to proof the online peer-reviewed journal PARSE, published by the Valand Academy, part of the University of Gothenburg. The issue I was asked to proof focused on notions of iteration, repetition and mediation and interpretation, which relates to some of my own interests. I will update the link when it goes live, but for now here the one to the editorial statement and the call for papers. Am looking forward to proofing contributions to the next issue following the conference on TIME.

What work on issue # 3 made me realise is that transfer from one set of conventions of referencing to another is often more time-consuming than proofing the actual text!

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