Dublett # 2: Toril Johannessen

Dublett – Toril JohanneDublett-Torilwwwssen is the second book in the ‘Dublett’ series. Each ‘Dublett’ consists of a new artist’s book and an anthology of commissioned texts. These twin publications focus on an artist’s practice, an artistic collaboration or an artistic project. The ‘Dublett’ series is initiated by Hordaland Art Centre, taking the Hordaland region in Norway as its point of departure in its selection of artists. See also the post on Dublett # 1. ‘Dublett’ is designed by Anti & Grandpeople/Gaute Tenold Aase.

Toril Johannessen‘s practice engages with scientific topics and methodologies, and plays with the metaphors and creative elements inherent to the various methods of knowledge production.

Dublett – Toril Johannessen features texts by Espen Sommer Eide, artist, musician and philosopher; Peter Galison, professor of the history of science and physics at Harvard University; Mette Karlsvik, writer; Marit Paasche, art historian and Theodor Ringborg, writer and curator, as well as an artist book made by Toril Johannessen titled UnseeingDublett – Toril Johannessen is edited by Eva Rem Hansen and Maria Lyngstad Willassen.

Working on the texts as a copy-editor / proofer was great fun because of the wide range of voices and areas of expertise with which the authors contributed to the essay part of the publication. The considered selection of authors in this case mirrored the considered approach by the artist to her own practice and subject matter perfectly.

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